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If you supply us with all needed material in digital format* (email, floppy, or CD), we will create an 8** page or less site with up to 8** images for $300. Hosting and Domain Name registration are $240/year***, or for $15, we will upload your site to the web host of your choice***. The cost for any web 2.0 content†† (a blog, guestbook, map, etc.) is an extra $175. If you want us to 'master'† the site, that will cost an extra $25 per month for maximum 1 hour/month of updates, $45 per month for maximum 2 hours/month of updates, $90 per month for maximum 1 hour/week of updates, and $600 per month for maximum 7 hours/week of updates. Contact us for a quote if you require a custom contract.
If you would like to be able to master the site yourself, but don't have the computer-savvy it takes, we can tailor a custom full-featured CMS (content management system) into your website, which would allow you to edit or change your website quickly and easily, without incurring any additional charges after the initial setup fee, and without having any computer knowledge whatsoever. The cost for a CMS is an extra $350††.
If you have a website you would like improved or upgraded, the cost is $65/hour for graphic design or coding; contact us for a quote.
Special charges apply for 'rush jobs'†††.
A deposit is required to begin construction, with full payment due upon completion. All information/data for the site is required to be submitted within one week of the time the initial construction begins.
Contact us for more information.

Special pricing is available for approved non-profit organizations

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* We insist on receiving all information and communications from one individual. If we must receive decisions / information from multiple sources, there will be a fee of $30 per additional contact. If we are required to perform a survey, interviews, etc, to collect data for the website, there will be a $55/hr charge.

** An extra $50 dollars applies for each extra set of 8 pages or 5 images. Pages are counted in 8 page increments, and images are counted in 5 image increments. If you provide any finished image via disk or eMail, this charge will not apply, and the image will not be counted. This count is for images we must scan, create or modify. Images are considered anything 6 square inches or less; larger images are counted as multiple images. Pages may not contain more than 300 words. If a page contains more than 300 words, it is counted as two (or more) pages.

*** Web hosting is provided with monthly bandwidth capped at 250GB. If you wish to remove your bandwidth limits, the price will be increased to $320/year. Additional pointer domains are $30/year each. If you wish to employ a separate web hosting company, we cannot guarantee compatibility with the selected server components and services.

† Mastering requires a 12 month contract, mastering without a contract costs $15 above the standard cost per month. Any overage is billed at $20/hour in 1/2 hour increments. Hourage charges are allotted per time period listed, and do not carry over and are not transferable.

†† If the CMS or other dynamic parts of this website need to be coded in any other language beside asp or php, there will be an additional $250 fee. This fee will only apply once for each language used; for instance, if you need 3 features that are all in .jsp, there will just be the $250 charge - but if you want 2 features that are in .jsp, and one in flash, it will be a total of $500; $250 for each language used.

††† Most websites are ready within 3 weeks, though some [more elaborate] websites may take longer, in which case you will be notified prior to our accepting the job. A 'rush job' will vary upon the size of the site, but on average a 'rush job' is one which is required to be finished within less than 3 weeks.

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